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Mailing Lists

There are plenty of mailing lists out there that relate to the topics we are all interested in. Some have very high volume, and others don't. I suggest using a mail filter to seperate inbound mailing list traffic to specific folders so you don't get crushed by volume.

If you know a good mailing list and want it added here, send in the info to neil at

Firewall Wizards

The list is archived as a hypernews archive on and is being supported by Mailman. Send administrative commands such as subscribe/unsubscribe messages, or requests for archived messages to If you have questions concerning the list itself, please send comments to

Bug Traq

One of the original high traffic security mailing lists.  It is a full disclosure forum, and originally covered more unix issues than windows ones.

Send an e-mail message to The contents of the subject or message body do not matter. You will receive a confirmation request message to which you will have to answer.

The VPN Mailing List

Low traffic, with a specific focus on VPN technologies.

Mail with the words subscribe vpn [your email address] in the body of the message.

NT Bug Traq

A moderated NT mailing list that is a bit better than the ISS list.  It is generally not a full disclosure mailing list, so sometimes the full details are not allowed through.

Mail with the words subscribe NTBUGTRAQ [your name] in the body of the message.

NT Security

A wide open discussion about Windows security issues.  This is the corollary to NT Bug Traq, run by the same folks.

Mail with the words subscribe ntsecurity [your name] in the body of the message.


This is an unmoderated mailing list for people who converse on esoteric topics related to hacking, phreaking, computer security, encryption, technology, legislation, software, food, coffee, linguistics, politics, digital watches, and cats.

To sign up, go to

Info Sec News [ISN]

Full of security related articles and news contributed by its members.

To subscribe to ISN, Click here.

Security Focus News [SFN]

SF-NEWS is Security Focus weekly summary mailing list! This list is designed to take notable events covered by the Security Focus web site on a weekly basis. Topics include BugTraq, jobs, incidents, pools, and events.

Send an e-mail message to with a message body of: SUBSCRIBE SF-NEWS Lastname, Firstname 


A digest that describes many of the technological risks that happen in today's environment.  They also have a news group and digests available.

To subscribe email with a message body of "subscribe".

Cu Digest

[or Computer underground Digest] is a more-or-less weekly digest/newsletter/journal of debates, news, research, and discussion of legal, social, and other issues related to computer culture.

To subscribe email with a message body of "sub cudigest".


An electronic mail discussion forum for sharing information and ideas about computer viruses, which is also distributed via the Usenet Netnews as comp.virus. Discussions include (but not necessarily be limited to): current events (virus sightings), virus prevention (practical and  theoretical), and virus related questions/answers. The list is moderated and digested.

To subscribe email with a message body of "subscribe virus-l firtname lastname".