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Image of DEF CON ctf visualization.

This page is devoted to collecting accounts, walk throughs and other resources of Capture the Flag at DEF CON over the years, not only for history's sake but so the uninformed can better grasp the epic journey that teams must face on the road to CTF victory!

If you know of a resource that should be included on this page, feel free to pass it along to neil ]at[ defcon [dot] org.

DEF CON 30 CTF on the Books! Congrats to MMM!

DEF CON CTF Organizer Nautilus image

Congratulations to the DEF CON 30 CTF Winners, Maple Mallard Magistrates! Read more about MMM!

They were closely followed by the teams Katzebin and Starbugs, in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

A big thank you to Nautilus Institute and all the CTF competing teams for a great game! Check out the DEF CON 30 CTF section of the Media Server for LiveCTF, PCAPS, and other interesting stuff as it becomes available!

A Warm Welcome to the Next CTF Organizer Team: Nautilus Institute!

DEF CON CTF Organizer Nautilus image

Big DEF CON 30 CTF update! Following several years of exemplary service by the Order of the Overflow, our world-famous Capture the Flag contest is under new management. The care and feeding of this year’s CTF is in the worthy and capable hands of the Nautilus Institute!

From Nautilus Institute:

Ahoy DEF CON and CTF communities!

We are the Nautilus Institute. We have been chosen, from a very respectable pool of applicants, to steer the DEF CON CTF ship starting in 2022. We are thankful for this honor, and hope to navigate straight and true no matter what waters lie ahead.

We’re a bit light on details, while we prepare for this year’s DEF CON CTF Qualifiers May 28-29, but we hope to flag you down with more information soon! Please follow us on twitter at and keep a look out on our website at

Sea you soon,


For the boldest and best prepared, glory awaits. Godspeed.


Congratulations to the winners of DEF CON 29 Capture the Flag: Katzebin!


1. 869 Katzebin
2. 825 Plaid Parliament of Pwning
3. 551 Tea Deliverers
4. 539 StarBugs
5. 399 HITCON ⚔️ Balsn
6. 324 Perfect ⚔️ Guesser
7. 270 春秋GAME-Nu1L
8. 261 PTB_WTL
9. 260 侍
10. 206 ooorganizers
11. 194 DiceGang
12. 193 NorseCode
13. 184 mhackeroni
14, 175 Shellphish
15. 145 r3kapig
16. 119 pasten


Congratulations to this year's DEF CON CTF winners A*0*E!


1. 970 A*0*E
2. 968 PPP
3. 841 HITCON ⚔ Balsn
4. 750 Tea Deliverers
5. 635 More Bush Smoked Whackers
6. 570 侍
7. 495 Shellphish
8. 435 CyKor
9. 409 /bin/tw
10. 394 NorseCode
11. 352 Star-Bugs
12. 303 koreanbadass
13. 273 mhackeroni
14. 260 r3kapig
15. 211 RPISEC
16. 77 pasten

Scoreboard with individual components: final_scores.html

Public recaps of the CTF and challenges – YouTube

First live-streamed challenge: casinooo

Second live-streamed challenge: rhg

Third live-streamed challenge: pinboooll

Fourth live-streamed challenge: ropshipai | Twitch | Discord


Congratulations to this year's DEF CON CTF winners Plaid Parliament of Pwning!

2nd Place: HITCON⚔BFKinesiS
3rd Place: Tea Deliverers


DEF CON 26 CTF Winners, Write ups, and Resources

DEF CON 26 CTF winners

Congratulations to this year's DEF CON CTF winners DEFKOR00T!

You can find all of the pcaps from this year's game, as well as any other files that surface on!

Also, take a peek at the write ups below, we'll post more as we find them!

Welcome to the New Order: A DEF CON 2018 Retrospective (Zach Wade of PPP)

Doublethink – 8-Architecture Assembly Polyglot (Robert Xiao of PPP)

DEF CON 26 CTF Quals Write Ups!

DEF CON 26 CTF Update image

Now that the DEF CON 26 CTF Quals are complete, here's a roundup of some of the first challenge write-ups to appear in the wild. Please read them, learn from them, and share them. If you don't participate in the CTF yet, let them inspire you to throw your hat into the ring.

"It's a Me" Challenge:

iPwn Kit:

Mario and Racewars:

PoW as a Service:


Signature Dishes:


Congratulations to The Order of the Overflow!

DEF CON 26 CTF Organizers image

The search for the DEF CON Capture the Flag organizers has come to a close and The Order of the Overflow will lead us forward. Read more about the process and their vision for DEF CON 26 CTF here.


Congrats DEF CON 25 CTF Winners, PPP!

DEF CON 25 CTF Winners image

Congratulations to Plaid Parliament of Pwning for their historic win at this year's CTF and a heartfelt thank you to the stand-up folks at Legitimate Business Syndicate for five years of fantastic contests.

From The LegitBS blog:

We'd like to again congratulate every team that played our final finals at DEF CON 25 this past weekend. We're very happy every team was able to score and patch services on our brand new cLEMENCy architecture. It was a lot to ask of our competitors, and we couldn't be more thrilled with their collective performance this weekend.

5Tea Deliverers813941
8Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat29369
10Lab RATs158564
12Team Rocket ☠️148496
n/aLegitimate Business Syndicate1637

The last-place "Legitimate Business Syndicate" team is where left over remainder flags end up before being reassigned.

You can read the final scores and sift through all their juicy data on the LBS blog:


2016 DEF CON CTF Final Scores!

From the Legit BS blog:

We are pleased and honored to announce the results of DEF CON CTF 2016.

Team Final Score
PPP 113555
b1o0p 98891
DEFKOR 97468
HITCON 93539
KaisHack GoN 91331
LC↯BC 84412
Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat 80859
binja 80812
pasten 78518
Shellphish 78044
9447 77722
Dragon Sector 75320
!SpamAndHex 73993
Mayhem 72047

Congratulations to our top three teams PPP, b1o0p, and DEFKOR. We would also like to congratulate all competing teams for spectacular performances all around. This year’s game was a drastic departure from previous DEF CON CTF games, and we appreciate the sacrifices you made to compete in it. Finally, we would in particular like to congratulate Mayhem, from For All Secure, for their spectacular performance as the first autonomous computer system to play DEF CON CTF. While Mayhem did finish in last place, many times throughout the game it was able to pull ahead of human teams.


At DEF CON, we noticed that contrary to what was communicated to some teams, proofs-of-vulnerability (PoVs) were not being re-run in successive rounds after submission. Since this was an error on our part, we committed to fixing them up after the fact, which took longer than expected.


In the coming days, we have more data we will be releasing:

• Complete SQL dump of game state, both the during-DEF CON game run, and the post DEF CON game run that corrected some scoring issues
• Complete source code of the game engine
• Complete source code of challenges
• Additional infrastructure and tooling for running CGC challenges
• Packet captures from the rescoring run


Once again, thanks for everyone who helped make DEF CON CTF a reality this year: our fifteen finalist teams, everyone who played in qualifiers, DEF CON goons, DEF CON staff, and the CTF community around the world. See you in 2017!



Collection of write up links from epochfailctf:

BabyCmd Write-Up from sysexit:

BabyCmd and MathWhiz Write-up from Lockboxx:

Multiple challenge Write-up from piyolog (japanese):

ShitCpu Write-up from libmaru @ Blue-Lotus:

Mathwhiz Write-up from VulnHub CTF Team:

Babyecho Write-up from VulnHub CTF Team:

r0pbaby Write-up from SkullSecurity:

Access Control Write-up from SkullSecurity:

Coding 1 Write-up by Fritz’s Lair:

BabyEcho Write-up by GeekSpeak Team Blog:

Access Control Write-up from Capture the Swag:

BabyCmd Write-up from Boogy’s Binary Lifestyle:

Babyecho Write-up from Boogy’s Binary Lifestyle:

fuckup Write-up from badfood CTF:

cat western Write-up from blackcon:


Complete Packet Captures from DEF CON 22 CTF: Torrent Torrent Icon (~170 GB)

DEF CON 22 Capture the Flag Write-ups

Legitimate business syndicate recap:

PPP Blog 2014 Post-mortem:

Routards blog:

Stratum0 blog 2014 recap:

DEF CON 22 Quals Write-ups

Hack UCF:







DEF CON 21 Capture the Flag Pcaps, Binaries and Tools

Binaries and Tools: Torrent Torrent Logo

Friday Packet Captures: Torrent Torrent Logo
Saturday Packet Captures: Coming Soon!
Sunday Packet Captures: Coming Soon!

DEF CON 21 Capture the Flag Write-ups

CNBC Article - Cyberteams duke it out in the World Series of Hacking

LegitBS Blog - Final Writeup:

LegitBS Blog - Public Handout:

Routards Team Blog - Defcon 21 CTF:

Routards Team Blog - Defcon 21 CTF - Binaries and environment:

DEF CON 21 Quals Write-ups

If you'd like to re-live some of the excitement from the quals, you can check out a few of these write-ups from around the internetosphere:

Team Alternatives:

X-N2O's Blog:

Stalkr's Blog:

Blue Lotus:

Leet More CTF Team Blog:

Here's a great collection of write-ups:

DEF CON 20 Capture the Flag Write-ups

The Awesome Reddit Ask Me Anything thread from Samurai CTF

From the Routards Team Blog

Wireshark goodness from the NYU Poly ISIS Lab

Wireshark Exploit writeup from 0xDEADBEEF

From the SiBears Blog

Bonus writeup for those who can read Russian:

Results announcement for CTF at DEF CON 20 - YouTube

DEF CON 20 Capture the Flag Quals Write-ups

DC 20 Quals Writeups:

Quals Graph:

DDTek Quals Scoreboard

Defcon 20 - Quals Writeup Collection from CTF Central
Links below are from the above link.












binary l33tness










grab bag




Writeups Collection:

Quals files dumps:

urandom 200:

urandom 400:

DEF CON 19 Capture the Flag Write-ups

Plaid Parliament of Pwning write up

Routards Blog

DEF CON 19 Capture the Flag Quals Write-ups

Challenge repository at

Several write-ups at

Binary 100 (Espanol)

Forensics 100

Forensics 300

Grab Bag 100

Grab Bag 200 (Espanol)

Retro Revisited 300

Retro Revisited 500

Potent Pwnables 300

DEF CON 18 Capture the Flag Quals Wrap-up

Unofficial Results from DEF CON 18 CTF Quals:

Video - pwning binary 300 at DEF CON 18 CTF quals:

Write-ups for DEFCON 18 CTF Quals, including Trivia 500, Packet Madness 200, Binary L33tness 300, Pwtent Pwnables 200, Forensics 100, Forensics 400, and Forensics 500, and more to come:

PT400 Walkthrough:

Pwtent Pwnables 200 Write Up:

Packet 100 Write Up:

Forensics 200 Write Up

Crypto 400 Write Up: Team: gn00bz

Defcon ctf quals trivia 500 music remix version volume up plz!! from wowhacker

French Language Write Up: (en français)