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DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE Hacking Conference

Human Plus

Human Plus

Announcing two different ways to participate in DEF CON Safe Mode: Human and Human Plus.

DEF CON is supported by the worldwide community of hackers through sales of attendee badges, branded clothing, and related stuff but not through corporate sponsorships.

This year is different than in-person because Safe Mode is both free and on-line, and there are no required badges to attend, but we still have expenses. Some people have approached us wanting to financially help support Safe Mode and we have come up with something they can buy and something we can give them in return.

We plan to have a "Human Plus" role and grant it different permissions for those who support Safe Mode with a $20 payment to our PayPal.

Here are differences between the two Human roles:

Human (free): You can go to the different rooms, participate in contests, events, listen to DJs and watch talks. Primarily uses text to send messages, uses the system emoji, use reactions, and you can listen to audio and video in channels that support them.

Human Plus ($20): Same as Human with these additional permissions: You get a different role name to show you have supported Safe Mode, the ability to post pictures and embed links, you can use external emoji, you have the ability to change your nickname, join some Human Plus chill out rooms, and to engage with voice and video in the rooms that support it.

Here is how it will work

You log into your Discord account as usual. Then click this link:

Or go to There you will be able to contribute to Safe Mode by purchasing the Human Plus role. It will bounce you to the DEF CON PayPal account, validate the payment and promote your Discord account automatically.

Human Plus only applies to the DEF CON Discord server ( and has no impact if you are jumping to external sites to compete in contests, watch Twitch streams, etc.

NOTE: This additional role will play a part in our anti-abuse strategy. One pieces of advice we have gotten repeatedly is that people who support a server financially are less likely to be bots or trolls. We would use this in our favour as a graduated response in the event of a 4chan style raid with an option to restrict (mute, slow mode) the Human role first and see if that helps buy our admins space to defeat the trolls. If enough bots are also Human Plus we would have to slow them as well until we can recover.