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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



DEF CON 28 Safe Mode FAQ

Is DEF CON 28 really canceled?

Yes, for really real this time. For the health and safety of our community, the decision has been made to put DEF CON 28 into “safe-mode with networking”. The DEF CON in-person conference scheduled August 6-9, 2020 has been canceled.

See the announcement here:

Black Hat USA also has an update to their plans. Details here:

How do I find out about virtual events?

Even though our in-person Las Vegas event is canceled, we will run DEF CON 28 Safe Mode August 7-9 (Friday through Sunday) with 101 orientation Thursday - all of it remote. We will use the DEF CON Forums to coordinate all the various ways for you to participate. That is where everyone can announce their plans, do signups, post pictures and videos and get people involved.

Then on August 6th we will open the DEF CON server up for everyone to join and start their con experience!

Will there be any SWAG?


What happens with my hotel reservation?

If you made a reservation within the official DEF CON hotel block (Caesars Palace, Harrahs, Linq, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Bally's, Cromwell), your reservation will automatically be canceled by Caesars Entertainment and you will be notified by email. If you made a reservation outside of our DEF CON group block, please contact the hotel directly to cancel your reservation.

What about DEF CON 29?

DEF CON 29 is scheduled for August 5-8, 2021. You can reserve DEF CON 29 hotel rooms now.

What about my DEF CON 28 content submission?

DEF CON 28 on-site is officially canceled, however DEF CON talks, workshops, demo labs, and training CFPs submissions will be processed on schedule as originally planned.

Will I get feedback on my content submission(s)?

Yes, please review the details in your status email for feedback information. CFP, training, workshops and demo labs status emails should all arrive as originally planned in the first weeks of June, if not earlier. We will post an update via official DEF CON accounts when all applications have been notified.

Will my DEF CON 28 application be considered valid for DEF CON 29?

No, you will have to submit a fresh form when the DEF CON 29 calls for content open. Too much time will have passed and we want to make sure you have made updates to keep it fresh.

Will there be a virtual talk track? What about demo labs, workshops or training?

We don't know yet, but are reviewing options internally. If your application meets our standard criteria for acceptance we will communicate options with you directly.

What about Honorariums for virtual content?

Payment Honorariums, badge(s) or check(s), will still be honored for talks, workshops, demo labs, and training. Honorariums in form of entry Badge(s) will carry over for DEF CON 29 in 2021, but travel and accommodations will not.

I'm a contest, event, village, etc., how can I share content?

We plan to organize everything here on the DEF CON Forums, and then on August 6th we will open the DEF CON server up for everyone to join and start their con experience! DEF CON Safe Mode will then run August 7-9 (Friday through Sunday) with 101 orientation Thursday.

Content organizers that want to run a virtual event, contest, or party are encouraged to use the DEF CON Forums as a hub to connect with attendees and share plans. Since last year we have added photo albums, video upload support, along with a mobile app. If you wish to have a forums presence please read the rules, create an account, and get started. We recommend reading the forums planning announcement too.

For the DEF CON DISCORD: Everyone who organizes content could have their own discord category to control and manage. Content creators can moderate what they want in their category; streaming, files, 10 different chat channels, whatever. We will help you do this.

What if I'm a party, meetup, or event organizer?

If you come up with an alternative virtual event, zoom meeting, AR chat, etc please notify us and coordinate via the DEF CON Forums. We will have an open call for hosted parties and social activities to build a calendar of events with links. We would love to hear from you.

I'm a vendor, what's next?

Please check your email for a direct mail from our Vendors department. To participate in the 2021 event, you will need to submit a DC29 vendor application. Call for DC29 vendors will open February 1st, 2021. Please contact vendors(at)defcon(d0t)org directly if you've questions.

I'm an Entertainer or Musician, what about my application?

re you interested in a remote performance or contributing music for our DEF CON is Canceled album? We would love to hear from you. Those who've already applied, we will be in touch. If you have any questions please email us at info(at)defcon(d0t)org.

Is there a DEF CON Is Canceled theme song?

Yes, from the DEF CON 25 Audio CD, 01 - Skittish and Bus - DEF CON Is Canceled.m4a

You can download the whole album from
DEF CON 25 Music CD - aac 224k/
DEF CON 25 Music CD - flac/
DEF CON 25 Music CD - opus 384k/

I have a question that's not answered.

If you have a question not answered here you can email Info(at)defcon(d0t)org, we will connect you with the right team. You may also reach out directly to the DEF CON contact that relates to your need, you can find contact info for most everyone and anything on "Calls for Everything".