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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



Here are all the contest results we have received thus far! Check back frequently for updates!

Biohacking Device Lab CTF

1st: Sternum
2nd: unremarkable
3rd: w0pr

30 volunteers building infrastructure, creating challenges, verifying flags, and solving support issues
2 medical devices, connected in a volunteer's home (not connected TO the volunteer)
1 CTF vulnerability reported, fixed, and disclosed.

200+ players on 150+ teams from 15+ countries
14,000+ flag submissions, with 5,700+ solves, on 150+ challenges
150,000+ total points scored over 75 consecutive hours
Peak bandwidth <100MB/sec


Most Kills (Defcoin)
1st - Bantisha
2nd (tie) - G@te_Keep3r & SAFEM0DE

Most Kills (Litecoin)
1st - Froggy
2nd - Reaper003
3rd - SAFEM0DE


First Place - MotoPsych0
Second Place - digitaltinker {TITS}
Third Place - Prox {TITS}


The DEFCON MUD saw a peak of 42 players online as indicated by MUDSTATS

The winners:
DEFCON 29 Human Badge (Provided by EvilMog) - Blinkingthing
AND!XOR DC 28 badge (Provided by AND!XOR and Sponsors) - Vimk1ng

And finally the speed running competition winner who beat the game in under 4 minutes - Vimk1ng

EFF Tech Trivia

First place: Bollards as a service
Second place: Kilroy and Little Bobby Tables
Third Place: Risk-v business

Gold Bug

Winner: defund

~450 people accessed the puzzles, and 190 registered.
Overall, we received 1215 submissions for puzzle answers, of which 32 were correct
18 teams solved at least one puzzle.

H@ck3r Runw@y

Digital/Smart - Red-team Ruby Red Slippers:in a pandemic, there's no place like (@g33rb0x)
Covid-19 - Dragonscale Covid Defense System (@pinguino)
Nerd/Miscallenous - Wedding Bouquet (@CircuitSwan)
People's Choice - Binary Masked Function (@BadassBowden)


1st - PFS ($50,000)
2nd - PolandCanIntoSpace ($30,000)
3rd - FluxRepeatRocket ($20,000)

Solarwine was the highest scoring team but they didn't complete the mandatory on-orbit challenge so they were ineligible for the cash prizes.

Hack the Plan[e]t

275 registered players, 848 possible points

1st - ByDesign - 484 points
2nd - brent - 447 points
3rd - 29A - 441 points
4th - px - 418 points


Winner: Team Bigg Doggee

Homebrew Hardware

1st @bradanlane with his DIY Electroncis Maker Bench
2nd @AndrewMohawk with Aurora
3rd @BatteryInternet with The Internet of Batteries Quantum

stream of the event is on youtube now at:

IoT Village CTF Final

1 invuls 25120
2 internet of garbage 16120
3 pivot_harder 14020
4 mongrel 13120
5 fuzzywalls 13020

Honorable Mention pinkerton/bravooneactual

246 users registered
3672 IP addresses
100120 total possible points
54 challenges

OpenSOC Blue Team CTF

1st Place: Team EH6 (shawn, snoopy, Ericreeses, Rewzilla, n1ghthawk1)
2nd Place: Team DEEZ TOTS (JJP, diesel, mimi_sec, chichikov)
3rd Place: Team DFIR_Against_The_Dark_Arts (S3curityN3rd, Milkman, trophicalph1sh, Mr.Forensics)

Scavenger Hunt

1st: UwUware - 110.25
2nd: Mr.RogersNeighborhood - 101.50
3rd: Tone Symphony - 99.00

Schemaverse Championship

1st Cisphyx (750 points)
2nd blackcathacker (-50 points)
3rd McL0v1n (-150 points)

~80 players this year!

Short Story Contest

First place: "Prints" by Tyler Rosonke (@ZonkSec)

Second place: "Plug and Play" by 247arjun

Community choice: "Low Earth, Long Distance" by Juneau


WINNER/First Place:
Psychoholics – uncovered all 6 pieces of dirt found on Founder Jack Carson VC, 37 hours played.

Second Place, tied:
Phantom Phreaks – uncovered 3 pieces of dirt on Michael Key, 20 hours played.
DTMF Cat Girls – uncovered 3 pieces of dirt on Michael Key, 31 hours played.

Honorable Mentions:
Foxbox Dialing Services – they worked very hard, rated 5 stars by TeleChallenge operators, 37 hours played.
Ani Killers – Formed a team mid game and still hit it hard, and had the absolute best explanation of “Timecube” we’ve ever heard outside of Rusty, 35 hours played.
Mrs Bigglesworth’s Home for Wayward youth – kept at it all the way to the end, 23 hours played.
Glacial People – The TeleChallenge staff wants to thank you for your perseverance through tough times, 23 hours played.

TeleChallenge 2020 had a total of 112 teams play, 5609 total calls, and 214 total hours played.

Wireless Village CTF

26 teams played, 210 players

1st Majestic 12 5690
2nd blunderbuss 4565
3rd Phobos Cartel 3505
4th blah 1406
5th WhatTheFreq! 1351
6th grim0us 954

The totals from the 2020 WWWD are
Total points seen during event: 1599337
New points seen during event: 1262832