New Year's Eve!

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12/31/21 14:00 PST (GMT -8)
1/1/22 02:30 PST (GMT -8)


Social interaction, music, shared experiences, parties and contests, with countdowns on the hour for most time zones


Ham Radio Village - Ham Radio CTF

06:00 PST to 23:59 PST (GMT -8)

"The Ham Radio Village CTF will take participants across the country visiting technology/RF/hacking landmarks using common amateur radio tools.

Do I need a amateur radio license to participate? No! Anyone is able to participate in this event as there is no need to transmit on ham radio frequencies, only listen (hint hint nudge nudge).

To start, check out the HRV Twitter page for your first clue.

Happy hunting!

Discord: hrv-ctf-nye

Kubernetes CTF

14:00 PST – 23:59pm PST (GMT -18)

This non-competitive Kubernetes Capture the Flag (CTF) event for DEF CON NYE 2021 features a Kubernetes-based CTF challenge, where teams and individuals can build and test their Kubernetes hacking skills. Teams are not competing against each other, as the “answer key” is available.

Each team/individual is given access to a single Kubernetes cluster that contains a set of serial challenges, winning flags and points as they progress. Later flags pose more difficulty, but count for more points.

This is a repeat of the DEF CON 29 Kubernetes CTF. We’ll be providing teams with a walkthrough video, which demonstrates how to solve the entire CTF. Most players will likely use the walkthrough video in some way, in solving the CTF. Whether you use it for hints or as an outright open book answer key, you are virtually guaranteed to learn quite a bit.

This is open to only 30 teams and only from Friday 14:00 PST – Friday 23:59pm PST (GMT -18).

More info:
Discord: ce-kubernetes-ctf-text

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Events & Parties

DEF CON NYE Movie Night!

8pm PST and 9:30 PST (GMT -8)

'The Long Kiss Goodnight' at 8pm on NYE and 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' at 9:30

Discord: movie-night-text

Hacker Karaoke

18:00 PST to 00:30 PST (GMT -8) Dec 31-Jan 1.

More to come! Discord: hacker-karaoke-text


Back again! VETCON is a Party thrown by Veterans for everyone! Come join in as veterans from all branches come together to celebrate and take on challenges that you only hear about in movies. Space force recruiting? Airmen in a chair race? Military drill displays? All this and more. It's time to raise hell the way our people in uniform are famous for.

Discord: vetcon-text
Twitter: @VetConActual

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A chill collection of music streaming from 14:00 12/31 to 02:00 1/1 PST (GMT -8).

Twitch: defcon_music
Discord Music Chat: music-chat

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Discord: #skytalks-text
Simulcast from their Twitch in skytalks-voice

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