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12/31/20 06:00 PST (GMT -8)
1/1/21 02:30 PST (GMT -8)

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Social interaction, music, shared experiences, parties and contests, with countdowns on the hour for most time zones


DEF CON Awards

After a long, painful 7 year wait, DEF CON is proud to resume the DEF CON Awards. 10 amazing, mind blowing categories for your enjoyment! This is your chance to nominate the best, worst, and most ridiculous of the hacker world. The process is simple, between now and December 27th, we'll be taking nominations for each category. Starting on December 28th through the afternoon of December 31st, we'll open up the official voting form. Our own Russ Rogers returns from retirement to present the awards live on the DEF CON NYE stream. So get your nominations in early, and get the word out to drive up the votes for your candidate!

Rules for Nomination:

1) You should supply appropriate rationale for your nomination. Tell us WHY you think this person/story/thing deserves to be "Recognized" by DEF CON. Nominations without this information will NOT be considered.
2) These are nominations only. Voting will be conducted beginning December 28th, 2020, via a different link to be provided at that time,
3) Nominations must be submitted no later than midnight December 27th, 2020 (Las Vegas time) to be considered for inclusion. Late entries will not be considered.
4) You do not have to provide a nomination for every category.

Nominations will be reviewed by the DEF CON Awards Committee, with the most relevant, and nominated, being presented for voting during the conference. The better your case for your nominee, the more information we'll have to make an informed decision. Be sure to include links to stories, news, or other items that help justify your nomination.

Submit your nomination!

Discord: ce-defcon-awards-text


We will be throwing a virtual DEF CON NYE party a MUD at port 4000. The party will start at 1800 MST, and go until about 0300 MST. There will be random in game prize giveaways such as credits and in game collectibles.

The CoreMUD is an old hard sci-fi MUD with a player run economy, that was originally developed in 1993 and opened in its current form in 1997. Since 2013 or so the game has had a crippling combat and mining bug that effectively made the game unplayable. EvilMog was a player of CoreMUD and with the permission of its author made a parody of the game.

The parody of the game evolved from a side project to a functional MUD to the DEF CON 28 CTF MUD. The majority of the sci-fi domain of the DEF CON MUD was lifted from Core.

Core had to rehost recently and EvilMog offered to take over running the game. Combat, mining and all in game timers now work, a number of longstanding bugs are gone, and as is tradition we have decided to celebrate new years eve on CoreMUD.

The DEFCON 28 MUD is also online. From 0001 Dec 31 until 0001 Jan 2nd the MUD will be player killing enabled, permadeath will also be enabled which grants the players 3 deaths with the character file being deleted upon the third death. This MUD is live at port 6000.

Discord: ce-online-mud-text
Twitter: @Evil_Mog
Web: CTF:, Telnet to port 4000 or port 6000

DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

12:00 - 00:00 PST (GMT-8)

If you're reading this, congratulations on nearly surviving all of 2020! The DEF CON Scavenger Hunt is here to help you cross the finish line. Between noon and midnight (Las Vegas time) on New Year’s Eve, single player teams will compete on the DEF CON Discord for their chance at glory for this special edition hunt. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

Scavenger Hunt poster for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Twitter: @DefConScavHunt
Discord: ce-defcon-scavenger-hunt-text
DEF CON Forums:

Drunk Hacker History

Demo: Ethanol-Powered Time Machine

Above all else, DEF CON is a community, and its members are directly responsible for what at times is a less-than-respectable (but hilarious) history. A history filled with mephitic adventures, quarter-truths, poor life choices, incontinence, and of course: hooch. Drunk Hacker History is a long-celebrated DEF CON game show that has evolved greatly from its humble beginnings, but this year it's going back to its most ancient roots: drunks in a basement playing video games and swapping tall tales. To commemorate the holiday season and the recently-fallen Arecibo Observatory, our hosts will be playing the greatest FPS ever made (GoldenEye) while entertaining some classic storytelling Ghosts from DEF CON past, all fueled by classic nerd rage and liquor.

Drunk Hacker History logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Discord: ce-drunk-hacker-history-text
Twitter: @DrunkHackerHist

Hacker Jeopardy

21:00 EST (GMT -5)

We at @HackerJeopardy are excited to announce a gift for all of you! It will be delivered at the DEFCON #NYE party, ! We could not bear going into 2021 with a tie. So we are going to break it. HARD. Church of WiFi vs Show and TELNET. 2 rounds, one winner. #DFIU

Hacker Jeopardy logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Twitter: @HackerJeopardy
Discord: ce-hacker-jeopardy-text

Hack the Plan[e]t Capture the Flag (CTF)

09:00 - 21:00:00 PST (GMT -8)

Hack the Plan[e]t Capture the Flag (CTF) contest will feature Howdy Neighbor and the Industrial Control System (ICS) Range integrating both Internet of Things (IoT) and ICS environments with interactive components for competitors to test their skills and knowledge.

ICS logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Howdy Neighbor is an interactive IoT CTF challenge where competitors can test their hacking skills and learn about common oversights made in development, configuration, and setup of IoT devices. Howdy Neighbor is a miniature home - made to be “smart” from basement to garage. It’s a test-bed for reverse engineering and hacking distinct consumer-focused smart devices, and to understand how the (in)security of individual devices can implicate the safety of your home or office, and ultimately your family or business. Within Howdy Neighbor there are over 25 emulated or real devices and over 50 vulnerabilities that have been staged as challenges. Each of the challenges are of varying levels to test a competitors ability to find vulnerabilities in an IoT environment. Howdy Neighbor’s challenges are composed of a real or simulated devices controlled by an App or Network interface and additional hardware sensors; each Howdy Neighbor device contains 1 to 3 staged vulnerabilities which when solved present a key for scoring/reporting that it was discovered.

In the same vein, this CTF challenge will also leverage the ICS Village’s ICS Ranges including physical and virtual environments to provide an additional testbed for more advanced challenges in critical infrastructure and ICS environments.

Discord: ce-ics-hack-the-planet-text

Kubernetes CTF

14:00-22:00 PST (GMT -8)

This Kubernetes Capture the Flag (CTF) contest features a Kubernetes-based CTF challenge, where teams and individuals can build and test their Kubernetes hacking skills. Each team/individual is given access to a single Kubernetes cluster that contains a set of serial challenges, winning flags and points as they progress. Later flags pose more difficulty, but count for more points.

A scoreboard tracks the teams' current and final scores. In the event of a tie, the first team to achieve the score wins that tie.

This is open to only 30 teams and only from 2pm - 10pm.

Register for the contest, as a team or individual, by e-mailing: More info: Discord: ce-kubernetes-ctf-text

The SSH Contest

Skytalks will be running its own miniature Scav Hunt to ring in the New Year. The Skytalks Hogmanay Scavenger Hunt is a 0-time DEF CON Brown Badge Contest where teams will compete for the honor of entertaining and informing the SSH judges and their fellow humans.

The list will be posted when the new year is rung in in the hills of Mandalay, or thereabouts, or before, as the muses may dictate. The contest text and voice channels will open when Bucharest rings in the new year. All submissions should be complete before the year turns in the heart of 303.

More Info:
Discord: ce-the-ssh-contest-text
Twitter: @dcskytalks

TeleChallenge NYE 2020 with Red Box Games!

06:00 PST 12/31 to 02:30 PST 1/1/21 (GMT -8)

TeleChallenge NYE 2020 with Red Box Games!
It’s New Year’s Eve, rock out with TeleChallenge and Red Box Games, Play DIALER HERO, Choose Your Own Chip Adventure, and get the HIGH SCORE for DEF CON NYE!

New Years Eve .. you're gonna be playing with your phone anyway! Play DIALER HERO and Choose Your Own Chip Adventure (and more) with us!

Dialer Hero poster for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Alexa Jones Voicemailcasts
From the secret files of TeleChallenge ... we'll release all the Alexa Jones Voicemailcasts! Get your steel pipes ready!

Alexa Jones poster for DEF CON NYE party 2021

More Info:
Discord: ce-telechallenge-text
Twitter: @TeleChallenge

WSIIA (Whose Slide is it Anyway)

Starts 22:30 EST (GMT -5)

"Whose Slide Is It Anyway?" is an unholy union of improv comedy, hacking and slide deck sado-masochism. Our team of slide monkeys will create a stupid amount of short slide decks on whatever nonsense tickles our fancies. Slides are not exclusive to technology, they can and will be about anything. Contestants will take the stage and choose a random number corresponding to a specific slide deck. They will then improvise a minimum 5 minute / maximum 10 minute lightning talk, becoming instant subject matter experts on whatever topic/stream of consciousness appears on the screen.

Whether you delight in the chaos of watching your fellow hackers squirm or would like to sacrifice yourself to the Contest Gods, it’s a night of schadenfreude for the whole family.

Sign ups will be the day of the contest with some special ways to secure your spot early.

Discord: ce-whose-slide-is-it-anyway-text

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Events & Parties

App Sec Village Party

App Sec Village NYE CTF

10:00 PST 12/31/2020 to 10:00 PST 1/1/2021 (GMT -8)

Come join in on a laid back CTF sponsored by the App Sec Village! First place prize is a 1 month free Penteslabs Pro!

Kahoot with the App Sec Village

23:00 - 23:30 PST (GMT -8)

We are doing a Kahoot competition with the App Sec Village to test your knowledge!

Link will be provided at the time of competition.

Discord Nitro Giveaway

23:00 PST (GMT -8)

Want a free Nitro to use emojis universally, and boost your favourite servers with? Come to the App Sec Village at 11pm to get your new year started the right way with a free Nitro Giveaway! We will be selecting one winner at random!

Discord: asv-nye-party-text

CocktailCon Village

Noon to Midnight Pacific (GMT -8) 12/31

We hack computers, devices, people, bodies, and even our mindsets. Why not hack what you drink? Join us for presentations about cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from members of the hacker community and from professional mixologists.

Have questions about how to make the perfect eggnog?  Still scratching your head about what the hell to do with that bottle of mango pinapple vodka (I'm looking at you, @Niki7a)? Hop into the CocktailCon Village text chan and ask our regulars and your peers for advice!

Scavenger Hunt poster for DEF CON NYE party 2021

More info:
Discord: cocktail-con-lounge-text
Twitter: @cocktailcon

DEF CON 201 "$2020 sudo shutdown -r" New Years Online Party

21:00 EST (GMT -5) -- After Midnight ???

We did it! We finally reached the end of the tunnel of one of the worst years in recent memory! From the COVID-19 Plague to Climate Disasters, Protests Against Police Violence and Tide Pod Cuisine ending with the election of a lifetime and the Solar Winds hack. Let's try to end the year in the most Dirty Jersey way we can as we invite everyone to hang out with DEFCON 201 Staff for crazy shenanigans and interactive games as we count down to either the new year or the end of the world.

Interact with us in our Big Blue Button Room: TBA



9:00pm -- 10:00pm
Intro & Retrospective on 2020

10:00pm -- 10:30pm
NCommander Charity Torture

10:30pm -- 11:00pm
Sidepocket Charity Torture

11:00pm -- 11:50pm
Hackers Among Us!

11:50pm -- 12:00 MIDNIGHT

12:00 MIDNIGHT -- ???
Hackers Among Us! (Cont.)

More Info: TBA

DC201 logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Social Media:

DEF CON NYE Movie Night Takeover!


This week’s NYE edition of DEF CON’s Movie Night is being hosted by the Cult of the Dead Cow! The OG hacker supergroup will be in the movie night channel sharing a curated list of videos, telling tales and answering your questions.

If you know the Cult of the Dead Cow, you don’t need us to tell you how cool this is. If you don’t, just know they’ve been holding down the elite hacker strike force space since before you hacked your Teddy Ruxpin, and this is the perfect time to fill in that crucial gap in your grasp of hacker lore.

Follow us on and @defcon for times and video listings, and visit to see what the cult is up to now.

DEF CON and CDC Movie night for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Discord: movie-night-text

Ham Radio Village - N4E Special Event Station

Dec 31 2020 through Jan 1 2021

With the end of 2020 and the DEFCON New Years Eve party taking place, the Ham Radio Village has decided to celebrate the end of this amazing (/s) year in the only way we know how, with a special event station!

We will be operating on all bands under the callsign N4E to help ring in the new year, keep a eye on our N4E channel in the DEFCON Discord server, as well on the DEFCON forums to see when and where we are on the air!

Twitter: @HamRadioVillage
Discord: #hrv-general-text

HHV & SSV Party

12:00 12/31 through 01:00 1/1 PST (GMT -8)

Come join us and others who are interested in all things hardware. While this is mostly a hang out, our challenges are up, available, and we'll be here to help you get through them all.

As a bonus for those who've completed our challenge pack over DEF CON, we've got a new one added from Hackfest 2020!

Got hardware questions? Got stories or wisdom to share? We've got text and voice channels so hop on in.

HHV logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021

Forum name: NYE DCHHV
HHV Challenge web:
Twitter: @DC_HHV


Come join the cool kids at QueerCon to party and ring in the new year! We will have a welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTQIA folk in the InfoSec community and our friends to meet each other and have a safe good time.

Discord: queercon-nye-party-text

Red Team Village Hands on Labs

These labs are designed to teach different skills to attendees in the areas of web application hacking, exploit development, and adversarial emulation/simulation. We want you to walk away with a new ability/understanding of these areas to enhance your career or maybe you have been wanting to get involved in bug bounties or exploit development but didn't know where to start. Details will be posted at:

Red Team Village logo for DEF CON NYE party 2021


Skytalks Social Club, New Years Eve Edition

The Skytalks team misses you greatly; some of you have even been kind enough to tell us how much you missed us this summer. We don’t intend to bring you any Skytalks this New Year’s Eve, not least given the lack of physical venue and the consequent distance between our banhammer and your electronics. We will be hosting some conversations with friends and chosen family to ring out the old and celebrate the arrival of 2021. Come join us, say hello to friends old and new, Tell us about your own festivities and proclivities, and participate in our contest (see SSH Contest). Who knows, we may even spin some tunes for you.

Skytalks will be running on Zulu time (UTC or die, baby). We will be open from 202012311400Z to 202101010901Z, and we do encourage you to form a nice neat line in the nearest text channel on the off-chance that our staff is plied with particularly reviving coffee and decide to open up early. Hug the wall, please.

More Info:
Discord: skytalks-text
Twitter: @dcskytalks


Back again! VETCON is a Party thrown by Veterans for everyone! Come join in as veterans from all branches come together to celebrate and take on challenges that you only hear about in movies. Space force recruiting? Airmen in a chair race? Military drill displays? All this and more. It's time to raise hell the way our people in uniform are famous for.

Discord: vetcon-text
Twitter: @VetConActual

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Get to know our lineup of talented artists who will be providing the auditory hacker vibe to our little soiré. More artists and schedule to come!

Twitch: defcon_music
Discord Music Chat: music-chat

Deep Therapy

Deep Therapy, the duo based out of South Florida began by hosting and DJ'n their own college radio shows. Constantly achieving new heights of dancefloor energy and pushing the boundaries of convention, Deep Therapy is recognized as one of South Florida’s essential DJ’s. Deep Therapy has been featured on Sirius XM radio in Ultra Music Festival Radio, opening up for Infected Mushroom as well as performing at Ultra Music Festival Miami three years, featured across Miami Music Week events, and has performed / held residencies at Space Miami and Treehouse Miami.


DJ Miss Jackalope


DEF CON's Resident Community DJ. Miss Jackalope has been DJing drum and bass and breakbeats for a long time and doing InfoSec stuff, too! ($dayjob) She can be seen DJing parties, swagulating in the Vendor room, and making sure everyone is having a good time. Mega thanks to the Jackalope Army for their support.

Icetre Normal

Icetre has been a premier jubilation hacker, and party host since DEF CON X. People are still talking about the various shenanigans he's orchestrated and videos he's played. Even with this long history, it's still amazing how many people have to still tell him to turn it down. For what?



n0x08 has been a drum&bass DJ since 2002 and hacker since 1992. He started on a pair of second-hand Stanton decks he bought from Beaker (@swordofomen), eventually upgraded to 1200M3s & ran a weekly in Seattle for a couple years. In 2020 he finally got off his own lawn and made the switch from vinyl to Serato. When he's not dropping filthy beats, he does endpoint research for Microsoft & longs for the day in-person conferences come back.



Ohm-I is known for his music that primarily focuses on storytelling and comedy from a nerdy perspective. With a strong penchant for causing you to involuntarily dance and sing along, he has performed at several major anime/gaming conventions and heavily supports spreading awareness of information security careers to kids in underrepresented communities.


phreakocious is just this guy, you know?

@phreakocious, @wosdjco

Skittish & Bus

Married DJ/Producer duo, and hosts of underground dance music show Sonic Electronic.

@skittishandbus on instagram, twitter, facebook, soundcloud, & mixcloud


LA/Seattle Underground Music 1997-present. DEF CON SoundGuy. Moontribe collective. So,many parties and so much good music made me picky but I love halftime beats! Twice as much opportunity for intricate layers!


Tense Future

Los Angeles, CA. Trapped in an autonomous car during a solar flare. Anxiety attack over spying home appliances that tip their hand. General AI caretaker grappling over competing logical fallacies. Dark techno sounds from the tense future that was once distant.

Twitter: @tensefutur3

Yesterday & Tomorrow

Yesterday & Tomorrow (Dallas, TX) believes in DJing as an art form - one that seeks to establish a deeper connection with listeners through rhythm and sound.

Influenced heavily by legendary DJs such as John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo, his musical selections showcase the latest in underground dance music from all corners of the globe, from Argentina to Berlin, the Balkans and beyond.

Y&T has performed at DEF CON’s Packet Hacking Village for the last several years and regularly showcases the latest in melodic and progressive house releases on various streaming platforms.



Yurk is a Puerto Rican DJ, producer based in Brooklyn. With a wide range of inspirations expanding from latin to electronic music, funk, jazz and ambient. Each performance is a genre blending involvement. As a producer Yurk has performed live hardware and DJ sets around various clubs and art spaces in New York.


Zebbler Encanti Experience

Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka ZEE) is an audio/visual collaboration between video artist Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti, based out of Boston and the Scottish Highlands. The Experience is a performance of mapped visuals on three custom winged projection screens, synchronized with heavy peak-hour psychedelic bass music, resulting in the creation of an immersive A/V fantasy world.


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