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DEF CON China 2.0 Hacking Conference



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DEF CON China 2.0征Village项目


若有兴趣在DEF CON China 2.0举办项Village,以下是些事前须知:

  • DEF CON将为所有入选的举办者提供酒店住宿。来自国外的举办者将获高达$900美元的机票报销。国内的则是高达3000元的差旅报销。若需更多详情,请与我们联系。除非您已拥有APEC旅游卡,或拥有新、日、文、圣马力诺的护照;您将需要申办签证。由于办理签证需主办方出邀请函,请尽快向我们提供完整的护照信息及出生日期以获取。请注意,我们强力建议您的护照拥有至少6个月自2020年4月17日起的有效期。
  • 您所供的village信息将用于活动预告,推销及图片等地方。
  • 我们的活动空间是有限的,无法凭空制造。请您好好地估计所需的平方尺。
  • 若想在village售卖任何物品,请事先获准。


您若想举办Village,请把以下表格填好并发至villages (@)。请为每项Village提交一份。请尽可能详细描述,以便我们的审查团能更好地评估您的意见。截止日期为2020年2月15日。



感谢您助于DEF CON发展新的动向,及帮助他人学习和扩展他们的眼见与知识。我们希望这对您是个没齿难忘,于心愉快的经历。我们期待着继续前进与社群一快成长。





Village 名称:

请问这是新的,还是曾举办过的 Village?







本人(请填写主要举办者姓名)了解DEF CON的官方媒体及工作人员可与我联络。我同意他们与我联系,以便安排媒体采访。未经我同意,我的联系方式将不会泄露给第三方。

不,我(请填写主要举办者姓名),无论如何都不想与DEF CON的官方媒体及工作人员接触。



DEF CON China 2.0 Call For Villages

If you are interested in submitting to have a village present at DEF CON CHINA, here are some things you should know up front:

  • DEF CON China 2.0 is in Beijing April 17 - April 19, 2020 . DEF CON will provide hotel accommodations and up to $900 USD for international airfare reimbursement. Local village organizers will be provided a maximum of ¥3000 Yuan in travel reimbursement. Unless you have an APEC travel card, or passports from Brunei, Japan, San Marino or Singapore; you will need a visa. Contact us as soon as possible with your full passport details and birthdate in order to request a visa invitation letter from our partners. Please note, It is recommended that your passport has at least 6 months validity from 17 April 2020.
  • Information provided about the village will be used for Art, Marketing, Announcements et al.
  • Space is limited and it is the one thing we cannot easily make more of. Please estimate how many sq feet you need.
  • If your village plans to sell any items let us know in advance, you must be pre-approved.

Now on to the submission requirements!

If you are interested in running a Village, email villages (@) with the following form, submitting one form per Village. Please cut and paste the submission form below into the body of an email or within a single .txt file Please be as detailed as possible so that our review board can best evaluate your submissions. All submissions are due by February 15, 2020.

After your submission is received, we will respond and let you know we got it. If you have not received confirmation of your submission after two business days please feel free to contact us again.

Pro tip: Most of the time we're in your spam box.

Thanks for helping grow DEF CON with new opportunities to help others learn and expand their knowledge. We hope that it was an enjoyable experience for those who have previously participated and we're looking forward to continuing to grow with the community.

Thank you and good luck!


Special Note:
Please cut and paste your submission into the body of an email as plain text, or attach it as a .txt file. We request that applications are in plain text to avoid formatting errors. Please do not submit applications in .pdf, .odf, or any other formats or your review may be delayed. Additional supporting materials that may aid in the selection process can be attached and included in other formats.


Village Name:

Is this a new or returning Village?

Please provide a full description of your Village (used for Art, Marketing, Announcements, et al.):

Primary and Secondary Contact information for correspondence:

Name, Handle, and Email address

Please provide the official web address/URL for your Village if available:

What days and times do you plan to have the village open?

Are you planning to have talks, contests, or events?
(This is just FYI for the Village department; it will be used to make sure coordination happens. Note: All CONTESTS and EVENTS will have to be submitted and approved separately by CONTESTS and EVENTS)


I, (insert primary Village POC name) understand that DEF CON's official Press Liaison & Staff may contact me. I consent to be contacted in order to arrange interviews with the media. My contact information will not be given to third parties without my consent.

No, I (insert primary Village POC name), don't want to be contacted by DEF CON's press staff for any reason.

Our policies, including our privacy policy are located here:

Good luck!