Call for Training

Call for Training is Now Closed

WHAT: DEF CON is seeking Trainers for two-day training sessions right after DEF CON 30.

WHEN: August 15-16, the Monday and Tuesday after DEF CON 30.

WHERE: Same location, the Caesars Forum.

WHY: For DEF CON attendees who love our free Workshop series but wish they could get an even deeper, more focused dive and maybe even a certificate of completion. Like everything we do at DEF CON, we hope it will help to build and strengthen the hacker community and spread the kind of knowledge that makes the world more open and secure.

Do you have training experience and two-day course material of interest to hackers, security researchers, and InfoSec professionals? We’re looking for unique, technical, and practical presentations from trainers with deep knowledge of their subject.

Consider Submitting To Be A Trainer!

  • A 50/50 gross revenue split with each side covering their costs.
  • A two-day class consisting of 16 hours minimum training content.
  • 17 classrooms with a capacity of 60 students; 3 classrooms for up to 80 students.
  • Trainers retain all rights to their course materials.
  • If you have multiple class proposals, please submit each separately.
  • Submit your complete application to “”

Trainer Selection

Because of the short timeline for training this first year, DEF CON will be making selections on a rolling basis. The sooner you submit the sooner we can decide.

DEF CON 30 Training:

Trainer Responsibilities

  • Notify DEF CON immediately if you cannot deliver your training class, and share the costs of cancellation 50/50.
  • Provide any student course material you would like DEF CON to print 30 days in advance of the training class.
  • Verify that students are present in your class, and mark absent one that no-show.
  • Distribute DEF CON certificates of completion to students at the end of the course.
  • Help improve DEF CON Training by distributing and collecting student feedback forms.
  • Trainers are responsible for their own travel, food, and hotel expenses.
  • You are responsible for abiding by the DEF CON Code of Conduct:
  • Submit appropriate tax paperwork for DEF CON to pay you.
  • Determine minimum number of students for your class to be financially successful.
  • Determine the maximum class size you can effectively train.
  • Have the legal rights to your course materials that do not violate the rights of others, and contains no illegal material.
  • No 3rd party marketing or advertising material is allowed in your course materials or classroom.

DEF CON Responsibilities

  • Promote the class.
  • Collect payment, handle refunds, answer questions.
  • Keep the trainer up to date on current class registrations.
  • Produce student materials.
  • If the class does not meet the minimum number of students to be financially viable 30 days in advance, DEF CON and the Trainer will discuss options before DEF CON decides to cancel the class or not.
  • Provide trainer any feedback we have received.
  • Pay the trainer net 45.

Training Material

  • Trainers retain ownership and copyright of all course material, and grants DEF CON permission to reproduce such work for promotion and the creation of student materials, including notes, workbooks, etc.

DEF CON 30 Call for Training Form:

Name of training:

Trainer information:

Full name of trainer(s):

Preferred pronouns:

E-mail address(s):

PGP or S/MIME key URL if you wish encrypted correspondence:

Mailing address:

Cell phone number(s):

Trainer(s) bio:

Trainer(s) social media links:

Training information:

Have you taught this training before? Where and when?

Do you have links to sites that promoted your past training so we can better understand how you presented it to the public?

What is the student cost to attend your class? This is the income we will split 50/50. If you have questions please ask.

Minimum number of students per class you need to be financially successful?

Maximum number of students per class you can successfully train? 60 Maximum.

Will you need DEF CON to print class handouts?

Short description of your class used for the web site and to promote your class: What is the topic? How advanced or difficult is the material? Describe the skills or knowledge will the student have learned after completing the class:

Outline the class in enough detail that we can determine the hour-by-hour experience a student will experience:

Technical difficulty of the class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and any required experience or skills needed (Such as Python, knowledge of specific deep-learning algorithms, TCP dump analysis, Ghidra, etc.)

Suggested prerequisites for the class. What should the student have read or prepared in advance to get the most out of your class? This could be videos to watch, books or white papers to read, etc.

Items students will need to provide. What tools, systems, or equipment is required for the student to take the training?

Can you test the students at the end of the class to see if they have learned the skills you were teaching (Demonstration of skill)? If yes then DEF CON can produce a certificate for students.

Note: Please make sure to highlight anything that makes your class different or what new concepts it includes to help us differentiate it from any others we may review with a similar topic.

Questions? Just ask! If we have questions, we will contact you based on the information you provide.

Trainer substitutions:

There will be no trainer substitutions without prior consent.

Code of Conduct:

While representing DEF CON Training, Inc., you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct:


DEF CON will provide event space, signage, printed training materials, wireless internet (wired for the instructor, if prior arrangements have been made), projectors, screens and power strips. All training materials must be submitted 30 days in advance of the class – July 15, 2022. Trainers will provide all other needed equipment.

Trainer class cancellation:

In the event of the trainer being unable to teach the class the trainer will compensate DEF CON for losses related to the cancellation such as refunds to attendees, service charges, cost of printed materials, marketing costs, etc. DEF CON will do its best to minimize these costs through equipment rental re-use, negotiations, etc.

In the event of DEF CON has to cancel the class then DEF CON will reimburse the trainer any non-refundable airline and hotel fees, material production costs, and expect the trainer to try and minimize their costs.

In the unlikely event of force majeure, unforeseen emergencies, or other acts outside of our control force DEF CON to cancel the training event entirely then DEF CON and the trainer will cover their own cancellation costs.

Trainer payment:

DEF CON will make payment net 45 from the last day of the training base on a 50/50 split of gross training class revenue calculated on the total number of paid students. Payment will be in the form of a check if domestic or if international a wire transfer. In the event an attendee requests a refund, after mitigating the request, that amount with be subtracted from the payment due.

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