DEF CON 29 Artwork Contest

Attention DEF CON Artists!

Visual artists of the DEFCONiverse, it’s time to unsheath your favored implements of artification! The DEF CON 29 Art Contest is open! You have until June 1 to get your entries in to, so don’t delay.


This year’s theme is ‘Can’t Stop the Signal’. We are looking for artwork that evokes the mystical bond that calls hackers together and persists over years, over life changes and even global pandemics. We want to share art that reminds us of the feeling that pulls us into the orbit of like-minded humans, that tells us when we’re on the right track. We put together a document that elaborates on the Signal and contains the various inspirations, colors, fonts and general vibes.

We hope you’ll take in the information in the style guide, but we hope that you’ll use that as a launching pad and not a set of limits. We want to see where you can take these ideas.


300 DPI. Convert type to outlines where applicable. Trust your instincts. Drink some water. Share your gifts.

Entries will be placed on the DEF CON Forums for voting, and there will be prizes. There will also be gratitude, and opportunities to inspire others with your special way of seeing the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

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