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DEF CON 27 Hacking Conference



Black Badge Contests

Social Engineering CTF

080807 – 1ST PLACE
080805 – 2nd PLACE

Capture the Packet

Winner: Msties

Dungeons @ DEF CON

Overall: Fellowship of the Token Ring
First to open Chest: Council of Nine
Best in Game Response: Total Strangers

Hack the Plan[3]t

1st Place: clar0ty
2nd Place: ButterOverflow
3rd Place: 0x90PwnEIP

Hacker Jeopardy

Church of Wifi

OpenSOC Blue Team CTF

1st Place: Walmart_Greeters
2nd Place: shouldhavesleptin
3rd Place: bruteforce

The Gold Bug – Crypt & Privacy Village Puzzle

1st Place: goldbugs


1st Place: Plaid Parliament of Pwning - 973
2nd Place: HITCON⚔BFKinesiS - 772
3rd Place: Tea Deliverers - 590

Warl0ck Gam3z CTF

1st Place: PTFS - 5294
2nd Place: Ambush - 4934
3rd Place: f2tc - 4864


Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest

1st Place: Hebrew – 44.5 degrees in 1:30
2nd Place: ballard’s as a service – 44.5 degrees in 2:00

BioHacking Village/Hospital Under Siege

10 Device Makers
40 Devices
Immersive Hospital Environment
CTF: Hospital Under Siege had 40 teams and 43 challenges!

CTF Winner: murphlaw

Crack Me If You Can

Pro: Team Hashcat
Street: HashCraftsMen

Creative Writing Short Story Contest

1st Place: “Dye Sublimation” – Selene Sun
2nd Place: “Parsnips” – David Hash Miller
People’s Choice: Red Balloons Over China” - FengJiu

DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest

Beard: Hot Santa
Stache: Hazmat
Freestyle: Brimley

9th Annual DEF CON Bike Ride

50 people braved the hot Las Vegas sun.
Next year is our 10th year!!!

DEF CON Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest

97 players entered and 92 finished the contest!
And nothing was stolen or messed up this year!

DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

1st Place: PBS loves the BBC
2nd Place: udod4ever
3rd Place: most spankable butts

The D(struction) 20 CTF

1st Place: magnum 1950
2nd Place: RedHatAugust 1910
3rd Place: becojo 1810
1 machine that survived 4 rounds, and 2 brutal smashes from the sledge hammer…

H@ck3r Runw@y

Digital Wear: Ada
Aesthetics: Forge
Smart Wear: Matt
Live: foole

Hack Fortress

1st Place: Team Bigdogge for the 3rd year in a row!

Homebrew Hardware Contest

1st Place: Gretchen – SNES Cartridge
2nd Place: BanhammersWrath – Rave Doctors Mask
3rd Place: Ian Tabor – esp-32 slcan Car Hacking Device

Maps of the Digital Lands

1st Place: winners
2nd Place: coloq 73
3rd Place: nomad_69

Open CTF

1st Place: noproblem
2nd Place: OpenToAll
3rd Place: IE6

OSINT CTF for Missing Persons

1st Place: Team W00kies

Recon Village CTF

2nd Place: QultOfTheQuantumQow

Red Alert ICS CTF

1st Place: CTF.SG
2nd Place: TheHaxWells
3rd Place: mmmmmmmodbus

SOHOpelessly Broken

1st = SIXGEN with 52001 points 
2nd = flatboardman with 24000 points
3rd = 418 Im a teapot with 23000 points 
4th = 5Dimensions with 22000 points 
5th = TeamRED with 21000 points

Source Code Review Challenge

1st Place: astro
2nd Place: Li-Wey Lu
3rd Place: icernica

Threat Modeling Challenge

1st Place: Seanner
2nd Place: J0l3n3, Dickie and Aoxtc

Tinfoil Hat Contest

Style and Substance:
1st Place: Mzhax0r (Classic)
2nd Place: Nova King (Unlimited)

1st Place: 28.07dBm – Anime_Bob
2nd Place: 27.64 dBm – DAF
3rd Place: 22.84 dBm – Norman

1st Place: 22.47 dBm – Hdsmiddy
2nd Place: 20.53 dBm – Nova King

Wireless CTF

1st Place: Majestic 12
2nd Place: <insert emojis>
3rd Place: Phobos Cartel